T-RAX: A Simple Seismic Analysis Program for Circular Tunnels

T-RAX is a simple seismic analysis software for circular tunnels. According to the literature, ground shaking along a tunnel's longitudinal axis is predicted to induce axial deformations and longitudinal bending, whereas shaking in the transverse direction causes ovalling with racking. The goal of this software is to compute the force and deformation that happens in circular tunnel liners under seismic loading as a result of the interaction between the soil and the structure. T-RAX is written in C++ and it uses the Qt widget for its graphical interface.

(redrawn and modified after Owen and Scholl, 1981)

Main features include:

  1. A simple graphical user interface (GUI) for inputting data and seeing reports and results.
  2. Apply the bulk of the currently known simplified closed form approaches, such as those proposed by Penzien, Wang, and Peck et al.
  3. The axial deformations and longitudinal bending caused by ground shaking along a tunnel's longitudinal axis are also investigated.
  4. Carry out the calculation in both "SI" and "Imperial" units.
  5. Create a new project by selecting "New" from the toolbar or the File menu.
  6. A project file can be saved at any time throughout the calculating process by clicking the "Save" button.
  7. To open an existing project file, pick "Open" from the file menu's toolbar.
  8. A report may be prepared and passed on directly to a printer by selecting "Print" from the File menu.

The video below demonstrates how to utilize T-RAX:

System Requirements

T-RAX has been tested on platforms: Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

How can I get T-RAX?

T-RAX provides a installation package that can be used for installation. Download the T-RAX package from here and then install and start T-RAX.


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