Simple Circular Tunnel Analysis in Weak Rock for Phone Devices

Simple, yet powerful

SimTunnel is designed to perform a quick and simple analysis on your phone device. SimTunnel is a simple to use program for estimating the deformation of circular tunnels in weak rock, and visualizing the tunnel interaction with various support systems. The Analysis method used in SimTunnel is based on concept of a Ground Reaction Curve (GRC), obtained from the analytical solution of a circular tunnel in an elastio-plastic rock mass under a hydrostatic stress field.

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Main Features


Quick and simple analysis on your phone device.
SimTunnel is very simple and easy to use.

Solution Methods

There are two different solution methods in the program: Mohr-Coulomb and Hoek-Brown.

Parameter Calculator

- The assist dialogs aarea available to help you pick suitable parameters (i.e. UCS, mi, D, GSI etc.).

Create Report and Email it

The report button, allows the user to save the current model’s input and output information into two-page PDF file. The generated report file can be sent out via email.

Factor of Safety (FOS)

SimTunnel determines FOS as the ratio of maximum support pressure to the support pressure required for equilibrium.

Support Types

The Support Parameters dialog allows you to easily add support (i.e. Steel-Set, Shotcrete and Rockbolt) and define the support properties for the model.

Analysis Information

The GRC is always displayed in the output page. If support has been added, then the support reaction curve is also displayed.

SI and Imperial Units

Both Metric and Imperial units are available.

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